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This isn't a euphemism; the stress placed on your muscles by the vertebral subluxation complex afflicting your back often plays a major role in causing chronic headaches as well. Because of this, a chiropractic spinal checkup can be an important first step toward the relief you are looking for.

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Using his hands, x-rays, and other instruments as needed, Dr. Fluhr checks your back for vertebral subluxation complexes, disc problems, and other detrimental abnormalities.


If a problem(s) is discovered, a spinal adjustment is made to correct it, relieving unnatural stress and pressure on your nerves, muscles, and spine.

What does an exam entail?

The biggest benefits a healthy spine can offer your body are improved healing and restoration, allowing you to enjoy a significantly higher quality of life each day.


This improved health increases your strength and vitality in turn, providing you with extra energy you can devote to the things in your life that matter most.

Why is a healthy spine important?

Chiropractic treatment does not rely on the use of drugs or painkillers to mask headache symptoms, focusing instead on the causes of tension, irritation, and inflammation in your muscles and tissues.

A more natural approach for improving your overall health

A little spinal problem can cause you big headaches