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The 23 intervertebral discs in your spine play an important role in preventing your spinal bones from rubbing together painfully, but if a disc becomes worn or misaligned, it can also become the cause of severe back pain too. Many methods are employed to relieve this pain, but it isn't always easy to discern which is right for you. That is where Dr. Fluhr comes in.

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Consulting with a chiropractor should always be your first step when dealing with back pain or disc problems, as they are specifically trained to detect and diagnose spinal problems.


Once diagnosed, a chiropractor can also help you align discs, vertebrae, and other structures in the spine to start treating the cause of your pain and preventing future problems, allowing you to avoid the pain and frustration of surgery.

What should your first resort be?

The most common medical treatments for disc problems include painkillers, muscle relaxers, hot or cold packs, baths, electrical stimulation, and traction.


While these can help ease or relieve pain for a time, they do not address the source of your pain, which can cause further disk deterioration and intensified symptoms in the coming months and years.

Why avoid the medical approach?

Surgery for herniated discs fails over half of the time, and even when successful, only tends to provide relief for 6-12 months. While it is necessary in certain cases, this should always be your last resort.

Surgery is almost never the answer

Has the agony of your back pain left you bedridden?

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