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The vertebral subluxation complex that causes a lot of lower back pain can significantly disrupt the natural function of your body, and has been linked to a wide range of conditions and maladies including headaches, sciatica, and disc problems.

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Each back is unique, requiring specific care in order to treat symptoms and relieve pain. In some cases, a medical or surgical approach can be quite beneficial.


For many, however, surgery or traditional medical treatments should not be considered as a primary option. Not only do many treatments fail to address the source of back pain, most tend to have little or no effect on it.

Can surgery help a bad back?

Scientific studies comparing chiropractic care with non-surgical physical therapy and medical care have shown that chiropractic adjustments relieve both chronic and severe back pain in a shorter time frame as compared to other alternatives.


Of the three treatment categories, chiropractic treatments are also the only methods that are specifically designed to treat vertebral subluxation, which makes them a safer solution for lower back problems as well.

Expedite your recovery

Chiropractors can help you find and remove vertebral subluxations, helping your spine and its discs, muscles, and nerves become healthier, stronger, and more stable.

How does chiropractic treatment help with vertebral subluxation?

Your spine plays a crucial role in your overall health

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