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If so, you may be experiencing the symptoms of arthritis (often referred to as rheumatism). Arthritis is a systemic disease that comes in dozens of different forms and variations, some of which disappear with time, others of which can progress beyond your joints to affect your muscles and organs.

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Anyone can get arthritis, including children, though many people never experience any symptoms of this systemic disease when they develop it.


The current medical approach to arthritis is to treat the symptoms as much as possible through exercises in warm water and use of heat packs or painkillers to alleviate pain.

Who is at risk for arthritis?

While chiropractic treatments cannot treat arthritis itself, having a chiropractor remove any vertebral subluxations can play an important role in reducing the associated symptoms.

What can Chiropractic care do?

There is no known cure for arthritis at this time, nor is there a specific underlying cause that is known to cause it. Some cases have simply disappeared from patients for no discernable reason.

Does arthritis have a cure?

Have you noticed pronounced pains in your joints and back?

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